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Can you trust Tarot Readings?

Can you trust what Tarot Readings tell you?

tarot cards Can you trust Tarot Readings?

Can you trust tarot readings?

This is a big question and has no one single answer. For, in order to receive a tarot reading that you can trust, a certain amount of discernment it required to begin with.  For example, computer generated Tarot Readings are fine for entertainment purposes, but not to be recommended if you have a serious issue/pressing question. Choosing a Tarot Reader you can trust If you are reading the tarot cards for yourself, then your depth of understanding and your intuitive capability, will have a bearing on how well you can trust the tarot reading itself. Saying this however, it is notoriously difficult to read the cards objectively for yourself, most especially if your question is related to your own relationship. So, if you are having the cards read for you, then the trust worthiness of the tarot reader comes into play. The most straightforward way to choose a trust worthy tarot reader, is through the recommendation of friends and family. However, this is sometimes not an option. So, finding a tarot reader who you can trust often comes down to listening to your own intuition to begin with. A feeling of ‘rightness’ in your choice of tarot reader can be associated with a number of factors; the tarot reader’s photo, the words they use to describe their services and the words other people use in testimonials about their services.

How to ask a question to receive a trust worthy answer

People consulting the tarot sometimes overlook their own part in the whole tarot reading experience. As one very talented reader once said to  me:  ”There are three components necessary for good tarot reading – you, the cards and me.’  So with this in mind, the way you approach the tarot reading and phrase your question, is also part and parcel of the process of receiving a tarot reading that you can trust.  See this article about how to ask the tarot your questions.

Can you trust the information Tarot Readings contain?

In my opinion, you can trust a Tarot Reading if what is said feels right to you and goes along with your own gut feeling. There may be some information in a reading that is spot on and some information may seem off the mark. So, its wise to be discerning and only take on board what seems helpful and feels really right. Then, you not only are you trusting the information, but you are also trusting yourself.

How do I as a Tarot Reader trust Tarot Readings?

Tarot Readings for myself: Whenever I turn over the cards for myself, there is always something to be learned from them. Sometimes I don’t much care for what I am being told and would rather discount the guidance, especially if it goes against my own desires. I trust that the cards contain wisdom and symbolic meaning and I consider that it is my interpretation that is open to question. Tarot Readings for others: I am learning more and more with each successive reading; to trust the cards, to trust the information being imparted and to trust my intuitive impressions. For me, trusting in my tarot reading work, is inseparable from trusting in spiritual guidance. Receiving Tarot Readings: I have received many tarot readings over the years and from every single one of them I have learned something. Even if I didn’t trust in some aspects of the reading itself, or the tarot reader for that matter, in each and every case I gained valuable life experience. You can read an article I wrote called ‘Best and Worst Tarot Readings’. Decision making with Tarot: If I was going to make a very important life decision, I would include tarot reading in the decision making process.  I would also include logical means of deduction and analysis and advice from non tarot sources, as well as advice from other tarot readers. I would then gather all the various bits of information together and do a final tarot reading before making my decision.

Can you trust Tarot Readings from this Website?

When a tarot reader requests to join this site, as part of the process of being accepted, I ask each of them to do a tarot reading for me . If you go to The Sample Readings page, the samples by StarGaze Maria, Selena and Lora Andrea, are all readings that were given to me before these three women joined the site.  I asked the same question, slightly differently phrased to each of them, as that particular situation was on my mind at the time. As you will see, they are all excellent readings and each one of them gives a unique perspective on the same situation. Initially, I trusted them because of their first reading and over time I have come to trust their skills more and more, because of the high quality work they constantly deliver. It takes trust –  in other people, in life/the universe/God/Spirit and in your own inner guidance, to do many things in life and that includes consulting the tarot and receiving a tarot reading…..

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