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8 Tips For Finding A Quality Psychic (not a scam artist)

Psychic reading 8 Tips For Finding A Quality Psychic Though most people won’t venture to make a living at it, nearly all of us are capable of developing some psychic abilities. Psychics are simply the people who’ve gone ahead and developed their abilities to the point where they can help other people. Most of them, anyway.  Our job here is to find the right one.

You can’t pick a psychic wisely off of the Internet anymore than you could out of the old yellow pages. Whether you’re seeking someone to help you with telepathy, remote viewing, psychometry, clairvoyance, or mediumship, the pointers below are intended to help you to select someone worth your time and money.

1) Schedule a telephone interview

Don’t be afraid to ask for this upfront. Like a job interview, you should be able to decide based on your own criteria if the services provided are the ones you’ll benefit from. Prepare some questions before you get on the phone, and pay attention to the rest of this article to get a better idea what you should be asking.

2) Consider doing the whole thing by telephone!

A reading by telephone might sound corny or less exciting, but many psychics can work just as well over the phone as in person. Though you shouldn’t ever be paying by the minute, there are some very reputable psychics who will take your call and be very quickly able to help you. Some customers actually prefer the distance and the idea that the psychic is not influenced by physical appearance, a wedding ring or other aspects of their appearance. Of course, your voice can tell a lot, but you want to speak to a psychic who can read, psychically, and not through external factors.

3) Look for a specialist

Generalists are generally not going to fill the bill. Though many psychics or readers have broad similar interests, most of them are not experienced in a broad range of pursuits or activities.  There will be psychics who’ve done a good number of missing persons cases, and others who specialize more in romantic pursuits or clairvoyance. Those are not interchangeable experiences. Look for someone who can be straightforward about their own experience, specialties and practices.

4) References

It’s generally better to rely on professional references rather than posted testimonials. Ask for the name, contact information and service provided. Here’s the trick. If the psychic candidate tells you that person B called them for help finding a lost ring, then you call person B and suggest to them that you were told they used the psychic for help finding a lost dog. A real reference will correct you and go back to the ring. A planted reference will just lead you along about whatever you suggest, whether it’s a dog or missing person or anything else. You can use this trick when checking any kind of references. And frankly, most charlatans – be they psychics or tenants or potential employees – rely on the fact that people very seldom contact references for any further information.

5) Get Online

OK. You can’t learn everything from a phone book listing, but a psychic will have some presence online. A website may feature fake testimonials (read them carefully), but it may also list specializations. Hopefully it will have plenty of frank information about the services offered.  Notice the quality of the website (was it free?), the level of commitment to actual information and the number of shady looking advertisements or flashy banners. Here are a couple of excellent pyshic website examples: http://dianegremmel.com/ and http://www.thesanepsychic.com.

5) Check for Posted Fees

This can be a big help, and it’s increasingly common for psychics to post their fees online. You know what to expect before you get there and you can plan better for the entire session, no matter how long or involved. A psychic may charge hourly or partial hour rates, and these can vary depending on the services they offer. You also get a good look at the services offered.

6) Check Out Other Online Sources

Newspaper articles or other media are a good sign, but public appearances, demonstrations or performances are not bad either. Legitimate psychics may have done some crazy sounding events, but they also show the level of commitment and professionalism. Likewise, any articles written about them, or their performances just add to their credibility.

7) Don’t Go Empty Handed

Especially for early sessions or preliminary interviews. You should be the one leading the conversation with your own questions. Don’t trust a psychic who asks you too many probing questions early on.  A good psychic will have strong ideas and be able to answer your questions, be they about their professional experience or anything else.

8) Resist Pressure

Hopefully your questions, both on the phone and in person, will prepare you to assert yourself enough to get what you want without being manipulated.  You are well within your rights to leave any reading at any time and upfront payments for urgent circumstances or warnings should be a big red flag. Instead, talk with your candidate psychic about how sessions normally go, how many might be necessary and what are the extreme cases versus more typical scenarios. Assume yours is a typical scenario, no matter how strong is the urge (your own urge) to romanticize it or dramatize it.

Hopefully these points will lead you to a more satisfying and edifying experience. Remember, you’re always better off asking ahead of time!

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This article was written by James Tomon, a writer living in Mexico City. James focuses on an eclectic mix of topics, including wine & spirits, alternative health and SEO.

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